A Secure All-in-One enterprise grade payment device
with an 8" display, integral card readers and on-glass
PIN entry.

Ultra Portable 8" Enterprise Tablet with integral card readers / MSR / IC Card / NFC(Reader / Writer) / Wireless LAN, / Wireless WAN(optional) / Bluetooth


All of the benefits of the EM10 incorporated in a smaller,
lighter footprint to create the most portable All-in-One secure enterprise grade payment tablet available.
EM08 is IP67 seal rated, making it ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

【 Highest Level of Security 】

From circuit board design to operating system selection, the Empathy Payment Tablets incorporte the highest level of security, allowing every merchant (big or small) to safely process transacitons.

em08 Security
【 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader 】

Easily process MS cards by swiping them through the MSR Card reader on the right side of the tablet.

em08 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
【IP67 Seal Rated (water resistant)】

ideal for use in wet environments such as restaurants, bars, cafés, convenience stores and hospitals/clinics.

em08 water resistant
【 IC Chip Cards 】

EM Tablets read IC Chip Cards- insert the card in the slot on the right side of the tablet to read the card. The tablet is EMV certified and PCI-PTS certified for "on-glass" PIN entry.

em08 IC CARD
【 IP67 Seal Rated (dustproof) 】

EM Tablets are ruggedized and ideal for use in tough environments such as factories, warehouses and delivery trucks.

em08 dust-proof
【Tap-n-Go(NFC Contactless)Cards】

EM Tablets read and write contactless cards- just tap your NFC card or smartphone over the right side of the tablet to pay. Contactless forms of payment are growing and the EM Tablets are ready to support whatever NFC card technology appears next; a true future-proof payment device!

em08 Security
【Special antimicrobial specification】

Constructed of antimicrobial materials, the EM Tablet surface eliminates and prevents the formation of microbes, making it ideal for use in applications where frequent handling may occur or in mission critical environments, such as food preparation or healthcare facilities.

em08 antimicrobial specification

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| EM08 |

PHYSICAL W9.67 x H5.62 x D0.47 in (0.64in with S-BATTERY),
W243 x H143 x D12 mm (16.35mm with S-BATTERY),
495 g / 1.09 lb. ( without BATTERY )
CPU Intel Atom® x7-Z8750
OS Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 64bit English
MEMORY LPDDR3 1600 4GB ( Standard ) / 8GB ( Option )
STORAGE eMMC 64GB ( Standard )(*2) / 128GB ( Option )
BATTERY Li-ion S-BATTERY : 2cell, L-BATTERY : 4cell
DISPLAY 8"LCD 1920 x 1200 pixel / WUXGA
Bluetooth 2.1, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0, 3.0 + HS, 4.0 ( BLE )
Bluetooth V4.1 + HS
AUDIO Internal Speaker, Internal Microphone
CAMERA Front : 2M pixel, Autofocus
Rear : 5M pixel, Autofocus, LED Flash
SENSOR Gyroscope, Motion Sensor, Electronic Compass,
Luminance Sensor
( SLC : 2GB MLC : 32GB TLC : 512GB )
TEMPERATURE RANGES(*4) Operating Temperature : 0°C to 50°C (While in use out of the cradle),
0°C to 40°C (While seated in the cradle),
Storage Temperature : -20°C to 60°C
(-20°C to 35°C during prolonged periods of storage)
HUMIDITY RANGE 30% to 80% RH (avoid extreme changes to minimize the risk of condensation)
DURABILITY Dust and Water Seal Rating: IP67; Antibacterial Rating: JIS Z2801, ISO22196
WWAN ( Option ) LTE, WCDMA, CDMA EV-DO rev. B
IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
WLAN Security WEP(64/128), TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2, IEEE 802.1X
MSR ISO/IEC 7811, JIS X 6302(JIS II), with DUKPT
IC Card Reader ISO/IEC 7816
Card Reader
ISO/IEC 21481(NFCIP-2), ISO/IEC 18092,
ISO/IEC 14443(Type A, Type B),
JIS X 6319-4( FeliCa )
ISO/IEC 15693(I-CODE)(*3)
IC Card EMVCo Level 1 / Level 2
Contactless Card EMVCo Level 1 /
MasterCard PayPass / Visa payWave / JCB J/Speedy /
AMEX ExpressPay / Discover D-PAS / UnionPay QuickPass(*3)
PIN Input PCI-PTS(*3)
Cradle EM08 USB Cradle ( 3 USB ports )
March 31, 2017
(*1) Empathy may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice.
(*2) Battery operating and charge times may vary due to usage and computing conditions.
(*3) Certification pending.
(*4) Peripheral devices may have different temperature guidelines (operational and storage).Please check the temperature guidelines for each peripheral device prior to use.Continuous usage in elevated temperatures may shorten the product useful life.It is recommended to avoid prolonged usage in extremely harsh conditions.Storage in extremely low temperatures may create a longer tablet boot time and shorten the battery usage time.The temperature range is provided as a best practice guideline but does not represent a performance guarantee under such conditions.

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